Greater Eugene

Innovation runs in our blood

From the founding of Nike to the future of BioScience. Over $1 Billion invested in the Bioengineering ecosystem in the past 5 years.

Unmatched lifestyle

A spirited innovation, artistic, and athletic culture is thriving against the backdrop of world-class rivers and mountains.

Bursting with Creative talent

11 universities & colleges turning out far more talent than we can keep in the region. 1 college for every 33,042 in the region.

One region, two cities, ten thriving communities to call home.

Welcome to Greater Eugene, where the spirit of innovation meets the tranquility of nature–where vibrant communities and abundant natural resources converge to create an unparalleled quality of life. Over the years, our region has evolved into a dynamic hub of economic activity and innovation. With a forward-thinking mindset, low business costs, and its prime location on I-5, Lane County offers boundless opportunities for businesses and individuals to thrive.

Oregon’s economic roots run deep in the timber industry, which has played a foundational role in the state’s development. Timber provided not only jobs but also the economic backbone for many communities, driving growth and prosperity for decades. The vast forests of Oregon supplied a steady stream of lumber, making the state a national leader in timber production. This industry shaped the economic landscape, establishing a legacy of natural resource utilization and stewardship that continues to influence Oregon’s economy today.

As Oregon’s economy evolved, it transitioned from its reliance on timber to embrace burgeoning sectors in science and technology. The bioscience sector, in particular, has become a significant contributor to the state’s economic output. In 2020, Oregon’s bioscience industry generated $15.6 billion in output, highlighting its vital role in the modern economy. This sector includes diverse fields such as medical research, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, fostering innovation and high-skilled employment across the state.

The University of Oregon has been pivotal in Lane County’s economic transformation, leveraging its status as a top-tier research institution to drive the region toward a knowledge-based economy. Its emphasis on cutting-edge research, innovation, and entrepreneurship has attracted businesses and talent, fueling economic growth and diversification. With robust research programs and industry partnerships, the University of Oregon not only educates the workforce of tomorrow but also directly contributes to the local economy through research funding, job creation, and the commercialization of new technologies.

Greater Eugene is the ideal place to live, work, and play. With its rich history in timber, thriving science and technology sectors, and the transformative impact of the University of Oregon, our region offers a dynamic and diverse economic environment. The combination of natural beauty, innovative spirit, and strong community makes Oregon a unique and attractive destination for individuals and businesses alike. 

Growth Industries

From the founding of Nike to the future of Bioscience.

Workforce + Education

Local talent prepared for the innovation economy.

Access + Infastructure

Access to global markets one click or short ride away.


A thriving region with 10 unique communities to work and live.

Startup Ecosystem

Big ideas? You’ll be right at home.


32 million acres of public land in your backyard.

The grass really is greener in greater eugene.


Whether you are growing locally or expanding to the region, find the resources you need to locate your business in Greater Eugene.


Join our vibrant innovation ecosystem and surround yourself with likeminded businesses, talent, and entrepreneurs.


True work-life balance lives here. From outdoor recreation to bustling urban centers, discover what’s waiting for you in Greater Eugene.

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